Arisa White

Candidate for City Council At Large

Responses to Wilmington Police Reform Survey

Will you vote to make all police disciplinary records public, and push for changes in state law necessary to make that possible?


Will you vote for an ordinance prohibiting Wilmington police from engaging in civil asset forfeiture?


Will you vote for Wilmington police to collect and publish data, including by race, on all pedestrian and traffic stops they conduct, including the reason for the stop?

No, this data has the likelihood to be used nefariously to perpetrate discrimination. 

Will you vote in favor of periodic psychological evaluations of Wilmington police officers? Will you vote for funds to mental health support for officers?


Will you vote for issuing all Wilmington Police officers body cameras?

Yes with an addendum to the legislation appointing citizen review boards empowering them with measurable contribution, allowing them to provide insight and contribute to investigations.  

Since police officers are public servants, do you believe footage from arrest and police misconduct should be made public record?

Yes but my affirmation is not to play a game of “Got You!” but to address the overwhelming lack of trust that is evident in our community. Genuine transparency must be truly met out in lieu of the traditional fraternal wall that police have been able to hide behind not living up to the true definition of public servant; a person who performs duties for the people in open view. 

If elected would you create and/or vote yes on an ordinance to end “no knock warrants”?


Will you vote in favor of ending Operation Safe Streets, which utilizes aggressive policing tactics to harass Wilmington families and community members?

Yes until the actual spirit of protecting humans is able to be implemented, the current tactics and systematic discriminatory practices of aggressive over-policing has not made all Wilmington families feel safe. 

Will you vote in favor of a community review board that has the power to investigate incidents and complaints, audit policy compliance, has hiring and firing authority, and make records and hearings public to the greatest extent possible?


Will you require and fund Wilmington Police to operate a pre-arrest diversion program for people with substance abuse issues (a model similar to New Castle County’s Hero Help)?


Communities of color in Wilmington have borne the brunt of aggressive policing and war on crime policies for decades. Those communities also bear the scars of decades of discrimination in housing, education, and access to economic opportunity. What will you do as a Council member, Mayor, or treasurer to repair that harm?

As a city council member at large my general focus will be to push the charge of changing Wilmington’s narrative with the deeper goal of reconciling our past and developing a whole community. Based on the current government structure, system, programs, and policies under the guise of “assistance”  Wilmington’s African American population and other communities of color have been and are currently in a perpetual cycle that keeps these groups with the highest unemployment rate, with the least amount of degrees earned, poor generational health, and suppressed generational wealth.  To change the narrative means to challenge the way data is touted to support derogatory ways of thinking which in turn translates into policy. My candidacy is a pledge to ensure accountability, transparency, and collaboration in order to infuse humanity into Wilmington, meaning truly following through with what we already know needs to be done. Research and reports have been done, we know the needs of Wilmington’s communities, it is now time to act beyond the surface and address the root issues that plague our city. Specifically, incorporating the citizen review board on the Wilmington Police department, ensuring economic equity for current Wilmington residents through home ownership and financial literacy while attracting innovative employment opportunities to ensure sustainability, and work with Board of Education to implement research based policies that eliminates the realities documented by the school to prison pipeline phenomena.