Dorothy King

Candidate for District 2

Responses to Wilmington Police Reform Survey

Will you vote to make all police disciplinary records public, and push for changes in state law necessary to make that possible?

Yes. Based on Delaware Code Title II  Chapter 92 which reads  in reference to law enforcement, fire firefights and probation officers (12) All records compiled as a result of any investigation subject to the provisions of this chapter and/or a contractual disciplinary grievance procedure shall be and remain confidential and shall not be released to the public.  I believe that changes in the State of Delaware law is necessary to give due diligence to the public on unresolved cases. There must be reforms made to the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights in the Delaware Code on the State Level and implemented on the municipal level that hold police officers to the same standards that the general public are called to adhere to. We must not have a double standard. Justice must be tempered with mercy but not with an unbalance scale. The decision in part is based on unanswered questioned regarding the case in the death of Mr.  Brandon Roberts of Milford, Delaware in 2020.

Will you vote for an ordinance prohibiting Wilmington police from engaging in civil asset forfeiture?

Yes. The civil asset forfeiture should be amended to protect the innocent from having their assets taken.

Will you vote for Wilmington police to collect and publish data, including by race, on all pedestrian and traffic stops they conduct, including the reason for the stop?

Yes, In an unbiased effort to build and rebuild a bridge of hope and trust between the police and the public,  I would vote for Wilmington police and  a credible independent organization to collects and publishes data that includes the races on all pedestrian and traffic stops that is conducted by police officers and the  reasons for each stop.

Will you vote in favor of periodic psychological evaluations of Wilmington police officers? Will you vote for funds to mental health support for officers?

Yes, I am in favor of periodic psychological evaluations of WPD which are governed by the HIPPA Laws. Yes, funding  should be made available for mental health support for Our Police Officers. In addition, The police have the same stresses that every person experiences and more. It would be an excellent move to present training in emotional intelligent to understand the people and the community that are served. This becomes more apparent when police officers are not vested in the communities when their dollars are not reinvested in our communities because they may live elsewhere, therefore, psychological evaluations would be an empowering tool.

Will you vote for issuing all Wilmington Police officers body cameras?

Yes. Issuing all Wilmington Police officers with body cameras will serve as a deterrent to illegal behaviors not only by law enforcement but by the public as well.  The body cameras with serve as a tool for transparency and as a tool towards evaluating responses and training where applicable. Also, President Obama, provided  grant money to the Departments of Justice  in America for this type of Initiatives. The police officers are experts in their field and need to be held accountable. 

Since police officers are public servants, do you believe footage from arrest and police misconduct should be made public record?

Yes! Legislate changes that protect all.

If elected would you create and/or vote yes on an ordinance to end “no knock warrants”?

Yes! Based on the 4 Amendment of the United States Constitution the ‘no knock warrants’  violates the constitutional rights  and legislation should be created to end this practice.

Will you vote in favor of ending Operation Safe Streets, which utilizes aggressive policing tactics to harass Wilmington families and community members?

No. Operation Safe Street was implemented in 1996-1997 when there was an abnormal amount of shootings in Wilmington, Delaware about 108.  At that time, this was not viewed as a normal.We need effective programs that are going to help reduce gun violence and produces safer outcomes that don’t rob the integrity of our City’s Reputation.Since, we currently have 115 shooting, as of 8/19/20, seven more shootings than when the program  had been established 24 years ago. It is time, to revamp.At this junction in history, We currently have more police officers then before and lesser population than that time frame.  Re-evaluating and modifying this operation should be adhered.

Will you vote in favor of a community review board that has the power to investigate incidents and complaints, audit policy compliance, has hiring and firing authority, and make records and hearings public to the greatest extent possible?

No, Community Review Boards should be independent of the Mayor’s Office and the Police Department. Therefore, the Mayor and staff and the Police Department should not have any voice on who is seated on the independent review board to build community trust.The community review board should have access to all of the videos and footage and records regarding complaints as mentioned in the question. and should represent the diversity of the community. . The board must be given a level of authority to enforce their decisions and maintain credibility  by impartial judgement calls that include disciplinary enforcement which includes up to and including suspending and firing with a majority vote. The hiring authority should not be legislated to the review board.

Will you require and fund Wilmington Police to operate a pre-arrest diversion program for people with substance abuse issues (a model similar to New Castle County’s Hero Help)?


Communities of color in Wilmington have borne the brunt of aggressive policing and war on crime policies for decades. Those communities also bear the scars of decades of discrimination in housing, education, and access to economic opportunity. What will you do as a Council member, Mayor, or treasurer to repair that harm?

As a Legislator, on the municipal level, time should be given to review each law to judge if it is an inhumane law that has caused injustice and  bring about any public remediations as legislation,  A day of reconciliation should be designation to acknowledge public apologizes and awarenesses to heal.