Velda Jones-Potter

Candidate for Mayor

Responses to Wilmington Police Reform Survey

Will you vote to make all police disciplinary records public, and push for changes in state law necessary to make that possible?

As part of the executive branch, I would not be casting a vote on legislation. However, I believe in the importance of transparency and providing constituents with the information they need to remain well-informed.

Will you vote for an ordinance prohibiting Wilmington police from engaging in civil asset forfeiture?

I do not believe that the Wilmington police should engage in civil asset forfeiture.

Will you vote for Wilmington police to collect and publish data, including by race, on all pedestrian and traffic stops they conduct, including the reason for the stop?

I would be in support of actions that increase the transparency of such events.

Will you vote in favor of periodic psychological evaluations of Wilmington police officers? Will you vote for funds to mental health support for officers?

Yes. I am aware of the stressful and challenging nature of law enforcement, and would be in support of initiatives that prioritize providing the holistic care and mental health support they may need in order to best serve and protect the City of Wilmington.

Will you vote for issuing all Wilmington Police officers body cameras?

As a critical component of the Safer Neighborhoods pillar of my campaign, I support the implementation of body-worn cameras on all officers for safety, training, and transparency.

Since police officers are public servants, do you believe footage from arrest and police misconduct should be made public record?


If elected would you create and/or vote yes on an ordinance to end “no knock warrants”?

I would be in support of legislation that would end no knock warrants.

Will you vote in favor of ending Operation Safe Streets, which utilizes aggressive policing tactics to harass Wilmington families and community members?

I would be in support of legislation that would end Operation Safe Streets (OSS).

Will you vote in favor of a community review board that has the power to investigate incidents and complaints, audit policy compliance, has hiring and firing authority, and make records and hearings public to the greatest extent possible?

I would be in support of policies that encourage collaboration between the community and city public safety officials to address challenges in law enforcement.

Will you require and fund Wilmington Police to operate a pre-arrest diversion program for people with substance abuse issues (a model similar to New Castle County’s Hero Help)?


Communities of color in Wilmington have borne the brunt of aggressive policing and war on crime policies for decades. Those communities also bear the scars of decades of discrimination in housing, education, and access to economic opportunity. What will you do as a Council member, Mayor, or treasurer to repair that harm?

One of the three pillars of my campaign, Empower Our People, aims to address the impact of the years of damage that has been done to our communities. I plan to do this through the following initiatives: providing resources for homeownership and reducing blight and vacancy; promoting holistic human development through invested focus on mental health, education, and training programs; making equitable investments in all neighborhoods including parks, public spaces and infrastructure; and promoting cultural affairs and activities to celebrate the rich, proud heritage of Wilmington’s diverse people. Please visit to read more about my vision for Wilmington.