Ending the era of mass incarceration means dismantling the tough-on-crime approach and racial bias that has come to define criminal justice. 

The Smart Justice platform is simple: We want to see candidates commit to overhauling Delaware’s criminal justice system.

Click here to read our briefing memo, which includes the full Smart Justice Platform.

Delaware’s Attorney General (AG) is our state’s only elected law enforcement official and the most powerful person in the criminal justice system. As top prosecutor, the AG’s job is to seek justice in criminal cases, work to prevent crime and serve as a leader in the diverse communities he or she represents.

The Attorney General is in charge of all other state prosecutors. The AG sets the policies that dictate which crimes to prosecute, whether someone will be charged with a crime, and who gets a second chance through diversion or treatment programs. They also have tremendous influence over legislation.

Electing an Attorney General who is committed to criminal justice reform is the only way that we can make significant progress towards reducing mass incarceration and challenging racial bias in the criminal justice system. We must elect a reform-minded AG and then hold them accountable for change. Your vote counts! #VoteSmartJusticeDE.


These candidates are asking for your vote for Attorney General in the general election on November 6, 2018. Learn more about each AG candidate by clicking on their picture below.


We sent each candidate a questionnaire to learn about their views on criminal justice reform and our Smart Justice platform. Each candidate responded to every question we asked.

The chart below is a snapshot of their responses to our yes/no questions—you can read the full answer to each question by clicking on the “yes,” “no,” or “—” answers in the table.

(Hint for mobile users: turn your phone to the side to see the full table!)

To view the responses for our General Assembly candidate questionnaire, click here.

Bernard Pepukayi
Do you believe Delaware incarcerates too many people?Lakresha Yes 1Lakresha Yes 1
Will you pledge to advocate for the elimination of the automatic issuance of warrants for failures to pay fines?Lakresha Yes 1
Will you pledge that you will advocate for the elimination of all mandatory minimum sentences?
Will you pledge to oppose efforts to bring back the death penalty in Delaware, and to instruct prosecutors not to seek the death penalty if it is reinstated?
Do you support substantially reducing the number of people detained pre-trial in Delaware?Lakresha Yes 1
Will you pledge to support changes in the law that eliminate or radically reduce the use of monetary payment as a condition of pretrial release?Lakresha Yes 1
Will you pledge to collect and publicize statistical information disaggregated by race and gender on charging decisions, plea bargaining and sentence recommendations, convictions, declinations and diversion program placements?Lakresha Yes 1
Will you pledge to require all Delaware prosecutors to share police reports and witness statements with defense attorneys at or before preliminary hearings?


Check back here to watch the forums and debates that the Attorney General and General Assembly candidates participate in to learn more about where they stand on issues across the board.


A fairer criminal justice system begins with our votes and our voices. Elected officials may hold all the cards, but we are the ones who hold the power to change the system.

It’s time to elect officials who are committed to making impactful change. It’s time to Vote Smart Justice in Delaware. Complete the form below to pledge your commitment to #VoteSmartJusticeDE!


The #VoteSmartJusticeDE Campaign is organized by a coalition of organizations and individuals who advocate for a criminal justice system that fosters public safety by reducing mass incarceration, recidivism and racial disparities. We use public education, community organizing and grass roots advocacy to challenge the system and create change that will have a significant impact for individuals, families and communities.